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No Rest for the wicked
(Otherwise known as lets keep busy, winter discount.)

So Given the choice between setting around all winter, working
on snowmobiles , snow blowers and the odd wood chipper.  We
choose to work year round on Motorcycles!!

What this means is we need to come up with an incentive to
bring us your motorcycles in our slow season. This keeps the
lights on and keeps us sane, especially if we get some to do their
bike work in the off season instead of the spring silly season
where we get little sleep time.

Those in the know are aware we have been doing this since day
one of Clubhouse MotorSports being around. With more  new
customers all the time it is hard to keep track of who we have let
in on the secret.

For the Months of November , December and January the shop
labor rate will be discounted 20%. That  can add quickly on a full
tune op or especially on an engine build.

As of Mid October November is often full  so these spots will not
last long and then  February first we are back to our normal rate.

NOTE: any work not finished by February one will be billed at
the lower rate if it is due to our work scheduling being too full.

If work is delayed due to sub suppliers (re-plating
cylinders,porting..etc) then arrangements must be made
BEFORE  February first to keep the lower labor rate.

Bikes that are stored and have paid for storage in advance are
allowed the discounted labor rate during the storage rate term
(normally November first to April 28th).
Fishtail trackdays
Ever want to let your bike run wild?
You know, see what the bike (and you) can do when you don't have to worry about being locked up or worse.

At the same time you want to do this in a controlled environment with lots of like minded people. You would like to Learn how to
use your bikes potential.

Head over to the conspirators page and visit Fishtail riding school.

I will be at the track  playing with friends (totally work related mind you) and may not be reachable. It is just too hard to answer
my cell phone while trying not to fall of my motorcycle.

If you are in the area and would be interested in seeing what a track day/scool looks like please feel free to stop by and say hello.

Clubhouse BS sessions
That stands for bike seminars.......  No really

The BS sessions are FREE  This will be a chance for some of us to shake off those winter
thoughts and dream of riding season again.

Sessions will start at 9 am and run until 3 pm with a short lunch break
in-between. I will do some scouting around the area to find some places if you want to run
out for a sandwich otherwise plan on bringing your lunch.

If you are interested in hanging out and just talking bikes that is fine I do ask that you
respect those who are there trying to unravel the mysteries of motorcycles.  NO

I will need a head count of those attending so please send me an e-mail if you are planning on showing up.

If the weather is going to be so bad that it not safe to drive I will either postpone the date
or cancel depending on the situation.
Clubhouse Storage

Looking for a place to store your bike for the winter?
We offer heated storage in 6 month terms for $350 this service includes
preparations for storage that includes

fogging -a coating of oil to protect valves,valve seats,rings and cylinders
Stabilizing of fuel- topping off or draining fuel tank and adding  stabilizer
Tire pressures set and chassis tune done.
oil and filter change.

Parts cost will be additional for oil change and any fuel needed to top off
a tank.