Clubhouse MotorSports llc
About Us


My name is Eric Colbath and I love motorcycles.

Like most people I have worked jobs to earn a living. Many  years
ago I decided to change all that. After some careful planning I
packed up my belongings and headed to sunny Phoenix, Arizona to
attend motorcycle mechanics institute (MMI). Now I had always
worked on my own motorcycles  it was time to learn to work on
motorcycles for a living.

After a year and a half, I had graduated at the top of my class and
had certificates in Yamaha and Honda. This of course helped land
me a job at a Ducati dealer, no one ever said life should make sense.
Starting off a new career at a top Ducati dealer sounds great but it
was learning to swim in the deep end of the pool.

Well I did learn a lot, good and bad. I have seen the inside of a
business and industry that has changed over the last 10 years. I have
had the pleasure of meeting so many really great people you could
not begin to name them all. Along the way, the shop managed to be
awarded best service in North America not once but four years. Not
bad for a small shop that people had to search to find..

Times change and it was time for a new challenge. A growing family
and dissatisfaction with my job has led me to the decision to try
something new. This is my newest beginning.

Please have a look around, feel free to contact me. I have hope that
the next ten years are going to be fun. See you out there.

At play
Just doing my share to rid the
notches of bugs.