Clubhouse MotorSports llc

Motorcycle make-overs

Looking to freshen up your bike?

We offer complete frame off builds, from restoration work to
something a little wilder.

Contact us with your ideas and we will be happy to give you
a quote.

Ducati tuning

New bike?

We offer a  thorough check-up to help keep surprises to a
All accessible nuts and bolts tightened
All fluids checked for condition and levels
Timing belts inspected for tension and condition
Tires checked for wear ,age and pressure
Chain and sprockets checked for wear tension and
Chassis bearings checked for wear
Wheels checked for damage
Brake pads checked for wear
Brake lines checked for condition
suspension checked for leaks of damage
charging system output test
compression tested
oil pressure and leak-down tests may be added
rider controls inspected for safety

We are also happy to go over a bike that you are planning to
purchase. Allowing you to be informed as to what condition
the motorcycle is in, before you buy.

Seasonal check-ups
Putting your motorcycle away?  
We will check the bike over for any items that need attention
drain carburetors
fog the engine
remove the battery or install tender leads
flush hydraulics if needed
change oil and filter
inspect coolant
stabilizer in fuel

Or has your motorcycle been sitting for a while in storage?

We will go over the motorcycle just like it is a new bike and
look for any problem areas that you should e aware of.
Timing belts inspected
battery installed
inspect coolant
chassis tune (nuts and bolts)
chain tensioned
fluid levels checked
air filter inspected
motorcycle run to verify idle

Ducati major service
Yes, This is the big one.
Belts changed or adjusted
Valves adjusted
oil and filter changed
fuel injection set up
throttle position sensor  checked (if applicable)
throttle bodies or carburetors synchronised
air bypass screws or fuel screw adjusted
idle set to factory specification
battery charged and tested
charging system checked for output
stator connectors inspected for heat damage
lights, switches and horn tested
headlight aim checked and adjusted
spark plugs changed
all visible nuts and bolts checked
chain and sprockets inspected for wear
chain  adjusted for tension and alignment
swing-arm pivot checked for excess play
steering head bearings checked for play and wear
wheels checked for bearing play
wheels inspected for bends
tires inspected for wear
air pressures set
brake and clutch fluid changed
brake pads inspected for wear
suspension units inspected for leaks and damage
fuel filter changed
air filter inspected and changed if necessary
road test

Track day preparation

Planning to Take your bike to the track?

We can offer a complete check-up  to make sure you are
ready to pass "tech"
Tires checked for tread depth and wear (age also)
Brake pads checked for wear
Brake fluids checked
Oil level checked
Coolant checked
Chain checked for tension / wear and alignment
Steering head bearings checked
Swingarm play checked
Suspension seals checked for leaks
General check over for leaks
Throttle free play and action checked
Wheel bearings checked for play
Nuts and bolts checked for tightness (all that can be

Some track days will require you to change your coolant for
water, we can swap coolant out for you. Price depends on
time required, usually 1/2 hour depending on the bike.

Needing your bike safety wired? No problem, we can do that
too! From oil fills and drains to complete race specification

Need to tape your bike up but  do not know how, bring the
tape we'll put you to work.

Note: this is a "check-up."  if we find items that need
addressing, you will be advised of our recommendations
and then you will have to decide what action to take.

Repairs will be gladly done, time permitting. You will be
billed additionally for any repairs.
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Basic information
Shop Rate  will be  set at $80.00 per hour

Due to the nature of my business being a one man show right now.
You will find that I try to "flat rate" most jobs. This is to try and keep
costs to you as fair as possible, charging by the hour and then answering
the phone or helping customers on your dime does not sound fair.

There will be times that I cannot do this and will need to charge per
hour. My  promise to you is to  keep the customer in mind, these
circumstances will be discussed when work is taken in.

Always happy to quote any job that I am able, I stand by my quotes for
work taken in. Quoted work will be done for the quoted price..simple.

Quotes for work not in the shop are good for 30 days, If the job has
hidden costs that were not known at the time of the quote you will be
contacted before work proceeds.

If  there is something out of my control preventing a job from being
completed at a quoted price (such as a supplier price changing drastically
or a part no longer available) You will be notified of your options and
given a new quote.