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Alright admit it you love to see carnage, everyone does so I thought I
would put a page together to share some moto-carnage. I will stay
away from the wrecked bikes as there are plenty of those out there
and try to focus on the blood and guts of our bikes.

Now you might ask if this damage has happened at our shop, I
luckily can say that it has not. Most has found its way to me through
friends and acquaintances. I am sure it is the tip of the iceberg.

I have tried to give a brief description of the possible causes, some
are unknown.

If you would like to submit your own carnage to the page please feel
free to email  us a photo with a brief description of what happened.
This was a main bearing
failure on a 750ss. You can
see the inner bearing race is
flaking, The motor was
running fine but the
crankshaft movements broke
the side cover.
This motor was about to self
destruct. The inner belt cover
bolt was working its way
out, you can see the grooves
the pulley was machining
into the screw head. once out
it would have derailed the
timing belts... KABOOM!
Okay so lets just say you
like to do track days. At the
track days they want you to
use water in your cooling
system. So what happens
when you forget to put anti
freeze back in for the winter?
This Aprilia Mille cracked its
cylinder. Just behind where
you see the coolant dripping.
more photos to come.
The final drive
Dealing with a chain final drive can be a pain, not dealing with a chain
can get expencive.
Here are a couple of photos of what a chain that is run beyond its useful lifespan can do. The bike was a high mileage
This is a poor photo but you can see the
chain is kinked. also note how close the
chain is to the engine at the top of the
well ....and maybe a few teeth short on the
What to run for gearing...hmmmmm
15 tooth front? naahhh everyone has those.
14 tooth? I hear those are great!
Why stop there when you can make your
own just by removing extra teeth.
Here is a 10 tooth front sprocket
While the front was shedding teeth the rear
was turning into a saw blade. All the teeth
were intact and ready to rip.
In fact I may be using this sprocket to cut
up next winters firewood.
If you take a close look at the chain in this
photo you will see that the rusted roller is
...... well, not really the roller. The roller is
long gone and the inner pin is all thats left.

At least the o-rings are still there.
Here you get to see what the chain has been
doing to  the engine cases and left side
The loose chain whips as it travels around
the front sprocket, digging into the case and
cover. You would never know if you did
not look for the damage.
Without the sprocket and chain on you can
see the damage better. This bike was lucky,
there was no severe damage done.
Just a little thinning of the materials.
This chain and sprocket were as bad as any i have seen but the bike was
lucky to have not suffered any major damage. I have some photos of the
worst case scenario I will add.

A case saver would be a good idea to add a little protection, My 1992
Ducati 851 came with one from the factory but i believe the factory ones
are long gone. LT Snyder ( ) sells a version
patterned after the factory part. I have never tested one or seen damage
while using one but it may work better than a lucky rabbits foot.
It seems everything wants to destroy your bike. Not washing, Washing.
Here are a few examples of corrosion and chemical damage.
This frame has been chemically etched by a
cleaner that attacked the paint. I have heard
numerous complaints about multitudes of
cleaners. The best idea is to test a new
cleaner in a small spot no one can see. Or
give some to a friend and see how it works
on their bike.
corrosion has started under the paint and
will eventually flake the paint off to reveal
some nasty corrosion.
Little shop of horrors