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Fishtail Riding School
Ever want to learn how to ride better?
How about learning how to control your motorcycle at
high speeds?
Or how about just riding your motorcycle with others
who are out to have a little high speed fun in a
controlled atmosphere?

Fishtail riding school has been teaching riders of all skill
levels for many years, mainly at New Hampshire
Motor Speedway but pretty much at any track that will
allow them the space to ride.

Never been on a race track?
Don't worry as you will be getting as much instruction
as you would like, no worries of being left to figure
things out on your own.
From students with little motorcycle experience to
lifelong bikers including the occasional motorcycle
police officers.

The track is a safe place with people watching out for
you in the corners, Ambulances standing by if there is a
problem and lots of friendly instructors who love to
help you improve your skills.

So what are you waiting for just click on the link above
and check them out, Just be warned it is
wicked fun!

Well we all seem to be conspiring to have a bit of fun
When all the while telling others that it is actually work.

Below you will find some genuinely good people who are
Very good at what they do. Be sure to stop in at their
sites ands say Hi.