Clubhouse MotorSports llc
Here is an example of
what you can do with an
early style SuperSport.

Rather than starting out
with the latest greatest for
a track bike It was
decided to bring a classic
up to more modern

Modern suspension and
An 800 motor running
Kehin FCR carburetors
A bit of magnesium here
and ti there, just a touch of
carbon fiber
And you have a great bike
that weighs in at 320 lbs
with half a tank of fuel

A very fun ride!
Monsters Gotta love them!
There is so much you can do to customise the bike it is a great platform to build from.

This 620 started life as a Matrix edition.
I think it is much improved since rolling off the assembly line.

The dual headlights and clip ons work very well with the Speedymoto top triple clamp on this Cafe racer.

Nice touches are the Speedymoto billet sprocket cover and belt guards.

As fun to ride as it is to look at.
So what do you do with a
wrecked Ducati?

Turn it into a track bike
Cafe racer!

Many years and a ton of fun
later you can have a bike
that is like few others.

Too many modifications to
list, and it will probably
never end.
Here are a few of the Motorcycles that are built here at
Clubhouse Motorsports lllc

I had fun building them with the owners and I can assure
you they are great fun to ride.
Bens M900
Ben was interested in building a
classic looking monster  with some
non-standard colors.

I can tell you my photo skills are
crap! This bike looks awesome in
the sunlight.

Ben agonised over the colors for
the powdercoated frame and
painted tank but anyone who sees
this bike will agree it was all worth it.

The suspension was modified with
race tech components up front and
an Ohlins shock sits in the rear.

After these photos were taken the
front (temp) fender was replaced
with a much better looking carbon
fiber one from shift tech

This  bike is currently for sale,
contact clubhouse and we can put
you in touch with the owner.